March 11, 2020 – General Meeting Minutes

SAPC General Meeting Minutes from Mar. 11, 2020  Meeting presided & opened by club President Maria “the Mermaid” Novak – 6:00 PM.

> Introductions & statements from SAPC Board members. VP Bob Schoen announced a possible May meeting presentation by AZ Auxiliary Coast Guard unless a future presentation by a club member is scheduled for May, (please contact Bob), TBA. >Helen’s Treasurer’s report: $1628.37 at present. 
> Introduction of new club guest “Ann” who said she had several boats.
> Old Business: none stated.
> New Business: Maria presented John Maier, long-time (since 1994) club member & trips organizer, with the 2019 “Spirit of Royce” award for his multiple & on-going trip leadership & participation. John has also provided multiple slide show presentations at our meetings over the years (including this month).
> Recent Member Trip Reports:
Rudi Lambrechtse reported lots of new hazardous conditions he & others encountered during his recent trip on the AZ Box of the Gila River West of the NM state line. Waters were ~900 cfs & growing with recent rains. New trees were down across river & many other strainers, brush, etc. caused more potential hazardous conditions through the fast moving class II waters. Skilled kayakers & canoers are recommended for these conditions. There were some capsizes from downed trees & strainers during his trip. No one required outside rescue. BLM was on standby. 
  Casey Stakauskas reported on his recent trip to South Belize & Tobacco Caye on the Caribbean. Originally planned as a solo trip but eventually ended with a tour group staying in beautiful lodges, great snorkeling & reefs, food, etc. (Hey Casey…how about a slide show presentation, eh?).
  John Maier reported on a 5-day annual Estero Tastiota paddle/camp trip to the Sea of Cortez with five others. Started from the Playa Colorado Eco Tour village, then a 6-mi. paddle North to the estuary camp on the sand dunes. Thousands of different shore birds, sea birds & land birds from both sides of border. Weather was cooler & conditions at the estuary had changed remarkably from previous years. Perhaps another slide show in the future will show the story & fine photography by John, Bob Kerry & Mark Thayler (Please!). 
  Richard Johnson reported on Helen Howard’s MLK Holiday multi-day lower CO River kayak & camp trip from Walter’s Camp, CA (south of I-40) to Martinez Lake on the AZ side north of Yuma. We thank Helen Howard for organizing & leading the annual trip which was a big success again this year. Weather cooperated and many friends enjoyed all the old historic mining sites & backwater, lake paddles along the way.  

New Trips/Events Announcements:  *Please note that since our club meeting on Mar. 11, some of the following announcements, etc. have recently been postponed, canceled or still scheduled to take place. The recent Covid-19 outbreak in AZ & other nearby areas of the US has prompted US & AZ Health officials to strongly suggest that planned gatherings of 10+ people be cancelled or rescheduled to help halt the incidence of spreading the virus. People who have the virus may not always exhibit symptoms & may unwittingly come in close contact with others. Residents are being cautioned to practice “Social distantcy” at this time of uncertainty & possibility of more widespread outcomes. Please read all State & National Health & Wellness alerts & suggestions for AZ & the Nation in general. At this time there has been some closures or limits in numbers to enter some State Parks, National Public Lands & Nat. Parks. More closures or limitations may take place in the near future.

Announced Events during Meeting:
  1. The 2nd annual Pena Blanca lake cleanup, organized by Maria, scheduled for Sat. March 28, 2020 has been cancelled by the NFS.  See Google Map location Here. Pena Blanca Lake is a Coronado Nat. Forest Rec Area. There is a full NF Campground there as well as fishing & hiking trails around the lake. For more info & photos see this Pena Blanca Lake Link.
  2. SAPC Patagonia Lake Spring Cleanup & Picnic – Apr. 19, 2020. – This Event has been cancelled after communications with the AZ Parks, Patagonia Lake by Royce Davenport. Our next 24th Annual Patagonia Lake Cleanup & Picnic is normally scheduled for the 2nd weekend in October, 2020. 
  3. The Lake Pleasant Paddle Fest on Apr. 3-5, 2020 North of Phoenix was announced earlier & has now been officially cancelled by the Regional Park. Other Lake Pleasant paddle outings have also been canceled until further notice.
   4. The Picacho SRA Paddle/Camp in CA (24mi. North of Yuma) on the Lower CO River was scheduled to start Fri. Mar. 20 to the 23rd, 2020. Norma Miller, trip organizer, has since cancelled or postponed this trip for a better/safer time. Other nearby options for paddle/camping along the Colorado were also mentioned. i.e., Squaw Lake BLM Recreation area (CA) above Laguna & Imperial Dams. Campground & full facilities/showers are available at $15 @ night. Paved road to this area (S24) just north of Winterhaven, CA. Lots of good paddling up river/backwaters on either side of river. See Google map here.
   5. Tommy James announced he will again be the Summer season Camp Host at the Ruby Mt. State Park & Campground (Arkansas Headwaters Rec Area) near Salida & Buena Vista, CO. He’ll be available to host & assist any members who wish to visit the area for paddling the river, hiking or other recreational activities offered in that beautiful & mountainous area. If planning to visit this area, please contact Tommy (520-6616-0133) before he leaves in June, 2020.
   6. Oscar Berven suggested attending a 5-day Kayak Fest (rough water on the Pacific) just south of Ensenada, No. Baja, MX at a famous beach landmark called “La Bufadora”. For all info visit: 
10 min. Break.

Slide Presentation by John Maier on his recent 5-week Panama trip with his French friends, Francoise and Bruno. Together they kayaked in Coiba National Park and then Las Perlas Islands on the Pacific side before crossing to the San Blas Archipelago on the Caribbean side. Great photos & narratives were enjoyed by all. 
Meeting ended at 7:55 PM.