1) Any dues paid member in good standing may check out and use the club equipment for
any reason.
2) Any member checking out equipment must sign a hand receipt/release of liability and
return the equipment ASAP after its use.
3) All equipment must be returned in as good as shape as borrowed and be clean and dry.
Any small parts (for example; stakes, wag-bags, etc) that were use or lost or damaged
must be replaced before the equipment is returned. The toilet must be washed and
sterilized. When necessary, filters must be replaced. Users are responsible for replacing
anything they use from the first aid kit so it will have that item for the next users. Please
inform us if you used anything from this kit.
4) If two or more persons wish to check out the same equipment at the same time, the
following priorities will apply:
a) The person using the equipment for a water trip has priority.
b) If two persons are going on water trips, the trip with the most club members has
c) All else being the same- the person reserving the equipment first has priority.

SAPC makes no claim as to the performance or correct use of the loaner equipment. SAPC will not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damages cause by or resulting
the use or performance of SAPC loaner equipment.
Borrower agrees to release SAPC and all club members from any and all liability
resulting from the use of this equipment.
Borrower agrees to return borrowed gear CLEAN and in GOOD CONDITION.  Damaged or lost gear will be replaced at borrower’s expense within 30 days.
(note: I suggest replacement from Summit Hut as this store supports the SAPC)
Return of Dirty gear will require a cleaning charge to borrower,
said charge to be assigned at the discretion of the cleaner (me) to be determined on
how much effort I must endure to clean said gear.
To reserve equipment: contact the SAPC president at: or the current holder of the club equipment (currently Richard Johnson)

Note: The club equipment is currently being held by:
Richard Johnson, 520-979-2023
3031 N. Park Av, Tucson 85717

                                                                                           SAPC LOANER GEAR
SAPC gear to be loaned to Club Members only:
Kayak paddle
Fire Pit
First Aid Kit
Power Stove
Water buffalo
Coleman Propane lantern
              FIRE PIT                                                                            POWER STOVE
                 PORTA POTTY                                                                                        LANTERN
                    WATER JUG                                                                                     PADDLES