SAPC General Meeting Minutes

Jan 9, 2019 SAPC General Meeting @ Summit Hut, 5:30 to 8:00 PM
President Tommy James Presiding
> The meeting was opened with a welcome for the new year, introductions of the officers, and a reading of the purpose of SAPC as an organization.
Joyce and Ted were welcomed as first-time attendees. Both have paddled for several years and have 10- foot hard shells.
The annual “Spirit of Royce” award was presented to Richard “Rick” Johnson for his years of dedication to the club including leading trips, loaning boats & gear, bringing in new members, and many other contributions over the years.
Old Business
>Annual membership dues are due in January. The membership fee remains at $15 per family per year.
Club equipment is now listed on the SAPC website Loaner Gear link with photos and descriptions. Equipment is available to loan to any current SAPC member so long as it is not needed for a club event. Members are encouraged to donate items for others to use. Rick Johnson is storing the equipment for the club, and his contact information is also listed on that website link.
New Business
SAPC has negotiated a new benefit with for current SAPC members to receive a 15% discount on their online orders. Please see SAPC website’s Announcements link for details on how to take advantage of this new benefit.
SAPC Spring picnic and cleanup at Lake Patagonia is scheduled for Sunday, March 31st, 2019. The Fall picnic and cleanup is scheduled for Sunday, October 20th, 2019.
> Arizona Paddle Festival at Lake Havasu will be held on Saturday, April 6, 2019. SAPC will plan to have an information booth at the festival this year. Volunteers for the festival can camp for free at the site Friday through Sunday. SAPC will try to arrange to have a club camping area if enough of us are planning to volunteer. Tommy James will coordinate with Ranger Terry Gerber and will have more details to share at the next SAPC meeting.
> Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW) will be help April 12-14, 2019 in Prescott. Tommy James and several other club members will be teaching kayaking and water safety at the event.
Trip Reports
> Anne Dalton stayed at Tommy’s camp-host site at Ruby Mountain and paddled the Arkansas River area in September. > Mike Coltrin floated the Perfume River in Vietnam, see the beautiful boats on the Google Map link.
Upcoming Trips                                                                                                                                       > Peg Davis is planning a spring trip to Gila Box (Clifton, AZ) as a two-day overnight trip. Short boats or inflatables are recommended. Contact her if interested.
> Rick Johnson is planning his annual Squaw Lake and Yuma Ren Faire trip Feb 1st thru 4th, 2019. Still water conditions with lots of back waters to explore. Some of the group will attend the Ren Faire on Saturday. Contact him if interested.
> Norma Miller is planning a trip to Lees Ferry May 4th and 5th, 2019. Plan is to camp nearby on the 4th and then take the Outfitter’s raft to the dam and paddle back 16 miles. Cost estimated at $80 per person. More details to be shared at the next SAPC meeting.
> Maria Novak is planning to lead a Pena Blanca cleanup effort in late Feb or early Mar, 2019. It will be a day trip with no overnight. Details will be sent via club email as they become available.
> Tommy James will be hosting at Ruby Mountain again this year from Mid May through Oct. Members are welcome to come stay at his host-site (tent-space only) and paddle nearby waters ranging from still water to white water areas.
> Oscar Breven is planning a Baja trip April 5-11,2019. This is a commercial trip that includes meals, beer, and includes white water areas. Contact him for more details on signing up.
> Program presentation by Glen Davis and Bob Schoen sharing photos of their recent Lake Powell kayaking trips. Bob and Helen Deluga also shared slides of their trip through Monument Valley.
> Next SAPC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday March 13th, 2019 at Summit Hut on Speedway. Presenter will be Tom Martin, author and conservationist for the Arkansas river, Colorado River & publisher of many southwest river & hiking guides. Meeting adjourned.

    NOV 14,2018 SAPC General Meeting @ Summit Hut, 5:30=>8:00PM President Tommy James presiding.
    SAPC Fall picnic was rescheduled last minute due to weather concerns. Arizona State parks under new management no more free campsites to SAPC members.
    Vote was taken to declare SAPC picnic to a rain or shine event. Vote resulted for picnic date to be changed for weather issues.
    Vote was taken to move picnic back to Saturday. Vote resulted to keep picnic on Sundays.
    SAPC board members voted on not renewing American White Water club membership $100 renewal fee.
    New SAPC shirts and hats for sale. 
    20th Fall picnic shirt $15
    SAPC bucket hat $12
    SAPC baseball cap $10
    Trip policy was discussed.
    Curtis Simpson paddles Sea Eagle IK
    Rick Johnson CO river Topock gorge==>Lake Havasu Burgers On The Boardwalk short walk in Havasu Very Good Service. Cattail take out due to high winds. Several otters were spotted.
    Oscar paddled reservoirs West of Gunnison CO 8000' 
    Bob Schoen lake Powell Hall crossing North six paddlers on trip.
    Thanksgiving weekend NOV 21==>26 Himalaya MX trip. John Maier verified with Tucson dive shop road is OK. Dozen members are going. No toliet use WAG bags or cat holes burn TP or pack out TP.
    Canyon lake Super Bowl weekend 2/1==>2/3. Bob Schoen passed around sign up sheet preliminary interest.
    Big Bend TX trip 2/16===>2/25 Bob Schoen passed around sign up sheet preliminary interest.
    Gila Box trip hosted by Peg Davis date TBA.
    Rick Johnson reminded members about Helen Howards MLK lower CO river trip.
    Aqua Fria river lake Pleasant eagle watching trip 12/8==>12/9 host Norma Miller.
    BOW Becoming Outdoor Women April 12==>14 need SAPC women to volunteer to teach paddling skills. Prescott AZ
    Paddlefest Lake Pleasant first weekend of April. Rick Johnson who worked with ranger Terry Gerber to create Paddlefest after SW kayak symposium in San Diego CA was too far to travel to. Rick provided details of this amazing event.
    Maria Novak will host Spring clean up lake Pena Blanca date TBA.
    VP Peg explained duties of VP back up for president and plan general meeting presentation. No SAPC members raised there hands for VP. Bob Schoen expressed interest in VP since no one wanted position. Bob provided speech that he needs support from SAPC members.
    Treasurer Mindy explained her duties. Rick volunteered to pick up SAPC mail from PO box but does not want to be Treasurer. Helen Deluga was voted as Treasurer.
    SAPC board members approved weather radio to be purchased as SAPC loaner gear. Rick will take photos of loaner gear and page will be created on SAPC website.
    President Tommy informed members of Gear Head discounts to SAPC members details will be sent via SAPC newsletter.
    Sunday Steve Anderson hosting pot luck/77th birthday party he would like RSVP 15:00
    SAPC bank account will be moved to Vantage West CU free checking. 
    Royce talked about art work on 20th SAPC Fall picnic shirt designed by artist Hector Acuna. Also polled members about interest in paddling XMAS card.
    19:06 BREAK TIME Gila river video presented during break.
    John Maier photos Indonesia Raja Ampat islands paddling trip.
    Minutes: Sept. 12, 2018  SAPC General Meeting @ The Summit Hut,  5:30 – 8:00 pm Vice President Peg Davis presiding.
    • Previous trip reports by members present.
      New members or visitors present introduced.
      Upcoming trip announcements given by Rick Johnson (Lower Colorado River in Nov. 2018) & Bob Schoen (Lake Powell trip in Sept. 2018).
    • Upcoming Club participation events in October. SAPC's 20th annual Patagonia Lake shore clean-up & club picnic. Main grilled food offered by club, all else BYO. All details below.  Club volunteers (safety boaters) are requested for the annual Patagonia Lake Triathlon, see details & & sign-up info on this page.
    • Slide Show Presentation: Rick Johnson's Lower Colorado Black Canyon to Cottonwood Cove 42-mi. kayak tour from last year which included sections from Hoover Dam down, all hot springs, coves & bays along the way. Included narrative of 5-day trip & preparations.
    • Meeting ended at 8:00 PM
    Minutes: May 9, 2018 SAPC General Meeting @ The Summit Hut,  5:30 – 8:00 pm President Tommy James presiding.
  • New Secretary, Shawna Bauer was voted in by those present. Visitors & new members introduced. Old business: Treasurer's report, member merchandise & club equipment report. A consensus from group was taken on whether to order new ball caps or brimmed hats since club is almost out. the majority voted for new brimmed hats. Only a select few club shirts are available to any new or renewed members.
    New Business: 1. Club member Rick Johnson ( volunteered to keep the club's equipment at his house for future use on paddling trips by any club members. Please contact Rick in advance to reserve or acquire any club equipment. I.e.: WAG Bags, Port-potty chair, Large steel elevated fire ring, Large foldable propane burner (no gas tank), Small gas lantern & Group sized First-Aid kit in a dry bag. All equipment must be signed out by Rick & returned in same workable condition. Those borrowing are responsible for replacing any broken or lost equipment. Wag Bags & First-Aid kit contents will be replaced or replenished by SAPC as needed. There is no charge to club members in good standing for usage of these items. 2. SAPC will be ordering hats & more club Sport-Tek short & long sleeved shirts for new & renewed members who missed getting one as supplies or sizes ran out. We hope to have them for the Oct. 2018 Lake Patagonia & SAPC Picnic and/or the Nov. 2018 general meeting.
    Recent Trip Reports: 1. By trip organizer John Maier to Estero Tastiota, Sonora MX south of Kino Bay & north of Playa Colorado Eco Village. See his Google Album Link. 2. By trip organizer John Maier to Baja del Sur, Bahia de San Ignacio, Pacific for whale watching with Mark, Norma & Mike & Cathy. Rough road tripping, multi-day hiking & primitive camping in the high Santa Teresa Mts. to see the great ancient cave paintings. Finding old Spanish missions thru the Great Boojum (Cirios) & Cardon cacti forest. And, driving to San Ignacio, Mulege, Loreto & the Sierra Gigantes (at the Sea of Cortez side) for canyoneering. 3. By participant Norma Miller on Steve Anderson's 9-day houseboat & kayaking trip to the lower San Juan River arm at Lake Powell, UT. Starting/ending at Bullfrog Marina to the San Juan confluence & boating up river to near the navigable end at mi. 34. Anne & Norma paddled to the navigable end at mi. 38 before being stopped by muddy shoals & quicksandy shallows of braided silt. On return many of us climbed to the incredible 4-window Rim Arches close to 1000 ft. above the San Juan on top of a sheer Cliffside. The 4+-mi. climb up & back from the boat was tough but the scenes of the snaky river below, surrounding sandstone cliffs & Navajo Mt. were incredible. Other memorable hikes by the group were to Deep, Alcove, Desha, & Cha Cyns. Boated up Clear Creek (Escalante River) to see Cathedral-in-the-desert. Visited Reflection Cyn., Hole-in-the-Rock & Cottonwood Cove & Slick Rock Cyns. on the Colorado. See Google Album Link here. 
    New trip announcements: Tommy James ( will be camp hosting at Ruby Mt. Campground in Salida, CO again this summer & is already there. He has an open invitation to all members/friends who want to camp there & do some river kayaking/rafting on the Arkansas. Tommy would be available to accompany friends to share in river running, hiking the surrounding mountains or other activities in the area. 
    Slide-show presentation by Anne Dalton & Royce Davenport: Sea kayaking (with Tropical Sea Kayaking, LLC) the San Blas Islands Archipelago off the Caribbean coast of Panama by several club members & friends in Feb. 2018. We paddled open ocean & camped at five different Coconut tree filled islands with sandy beaches inhabited by the Guna Yala Indigenous Peoples & families. Fully supported (by the Guna Yala) trip over 8-days with fresh food & fruits prepared by the Islanders through out. The Islanders offered for sale homemade body beadwork & "Molas" , intricately hand stitched colorful, multi-layered tapestries of all colors & designs. Challenging ocean crossings but a satisfying & unique experience like no other. Go to this Google Photo Album link showing highlights of the trip including artwork by Royce spontaneously created there.
    Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM.  The next club general meeting will be Sept. 12, 2018 at same location/time. Please go to the SAPC website or FB site for updates. Thanks.

  • Minutes: Mar. 14, 2018 SAPC General Meeting @ The Summit Hut,  5:30 – 8:00 pm
    President Tommy James presiding.
  • Introductions: Guests or new members.
    Treasurer's Report by Mindy Cox, reported we are now very low on available club hats & club would like to order more hats for members. Consensus taken by members present as to what type of hat would be preferred. Consensus was that of a wide brimmed hat for total sun protection. Club will investigate purchasing style w/logo & cost. Other present board members introduced.
    Recent trip reports: (earliest to latest):               > Apache Lake, AZ paddle/camp - Jan. 13-15, 2018. Participants: Norma Miller (initiator), Lawrence Hargis, Steve Anderson, Steve McAllister, Bob Schoen, Tim Ralph & Josh Miller (son). See Google photo album link at:              > Trip to Panama Feb. 4-18, 2018 by Norma Miller, Jane & Royce Davenport (initiators), Anne Dalton, Mark & Carole Schlappi, Nancy Fisk, Marceline & Eric VandeWater. This kayaking (and birding) adventure across the San Blas Islands archipelago on the Caribbean coast & in the rain forests of central Panama & the Canal will be presented as a slide show at the May 9, 2018 club meeting by Anne & Royce. 
    > Trip to Estero Tastiota, Sonora MX paddle & wilderness camp, Mar. 1-5, 2018 by John Maier (initiator). Included: Mark Thaler, Bob Kerry, Robin Steinberg, Norma Miller & John's guests Tom & Becky Berlin. A 6-mile kayak north from Playa Colorado Eco Village (so. of Kino Bay) to a protected estuary filled with thousands of migrating & local shore birds & sea birds.  Photo Album TBA
  • Future trip or event announcements:                      > Rick Johnson announced he will be continuing to initiate trips to places like the Lower Colorado, San Diego & the lakes of the Salt River Cyn. (Saguaro & Canyon) during 2018. He has a few kayaks he can lend out for those trips if signed up before trip date. Contact Rick at: for interest or questions.
    > Lake Pleasant Paddle Fest, April 7, 2018, at Fireman's Cove, Lake Pleasant Regional Park North of PHX. Introductory paddle boating for all, featuring several demo kayaks of all types to demo/paddle. $6 entry fee. If bringing your own boat, it's $2 per boat. Camping is available, need to reserve at the campground or free camp on beaches. For all info go to:
    > 18th Annual Patagonia Lake Shore Clean-up & Club Picnic. Note Date: Sun. Apr. 22, 2018. Boat-in, off shore camp site #110 will be available free for all members camping the night before. Clean-up starts at 09:00 & picnic at noon. BYO everything. SAPC provides water. Free entry for all club members & family.
    > BOW (Becoming an Outdoor Woman) event hosted by AZ Wildlife Federation. Apr. 13-15, 2018 at the Friendly Pines Camp near Prescott, AZ. Must make reservations for various outdoor skills classes (including beginning paddling) for this event which includes food & lodging in cabins. For all info, go to:
    > Tommy James, SAPC president, will be camp hosting again this year at Ruby Mountain/Brown Canyon Campground   starting in mid June, 2018. He is happy to share a camp spot for anyone wanting to camp/stay for the night or days. Location is near Salida, CO along the Arkansas River where the FIBArk event will be held around June 14, 2018. Members are invited to spend time on the water with Tommy on the Arkansas, bring your inflatable. Great hiking in the surrounding mountains. Floats are from mild to wild. Tommy will host you. Contact him:
    > Share a Sierra Club hosted 5-day rafting trip in Dinosaur Nat. Mon. July 30 - Aug. 4, 2018 along the beautiful canyons of the Green River, 80-100 mi. Class 2 & 3 rapids, canyon hiking, viewing archaeological picto & petroglyphs. Bring your own inflatable if you want. Sierra Club provides outfitters with paddling rafts, all food & transportation to start/finish.  Contact Sierra Club trip leader, Mitch Stevens, to sign-up. All info at:
    Break: 5 - 10 mins.
    Presentation:  A Video preview by Mitch Stevens of his Dinosaur Nat. Monument 5-day Sierra Club family rafting trip starting in late July, 2018. Video & music produced from last year's tour by Mitch Stevens. Presentation was well received, a Q & A session followed.
    Meeting concluded at 7:50 PM.  Minutes recorded by Norma Miller in the absence of Sec. Helen Deluga.

January 10,2018 Meeting, Summit Hut 6==>8 PM 

President Tommy James presiding.
Norma Miller handed out free SAPC shirts for renewing/new members.

President Tommy informed members about SAPC loaner gear available to check out. Member Rick Johnson will be care taker of loaner gear.

President Tommy informed members that SAPC is networking club and there are no trip leader but members are trip initiators and trip participants need to be self supporting.

President Tommy indicated there are two youth kayaks available for free contact INFO4MAYS@GMAIL.COM to make plans to pick up FREE kayaks.

President Tommy is looking for volunteers 4/13==>4/15 Woman Of Wilderness boater training Prescott AZ. SAPC members will be reimbursed for mileage and provided lodging.

Rick Johnson paddled lower Colorado river Cottonwood area they found river booty Swifty Kayak.

Anne Dalton reported on Belize trip 15 members attended.

Rick Johnson is going MLK weekend with Helen Howard Desert River Outfitters lower Colorado river Walters====>Fisher Landing.

Also Rick hosting Yuma Paddle & Renaissance Fair - Feb. 2-5, 2018

Royce informed members Patagonia State Park will provide free access SAPC members. In the future a ID number will be provided for free access to ALL AZ State Parks to SAPC members.

Royce reported Spring Lake Patagonia clean up scheduled Sunday 4/22/18. Fall Lake Patagonia
Picnic/clean up 10/21/18.

Also work in progress for new Lake Patagonia boat in campsite on East side (No Wake Zone).

Treasurer Mindy reported $1,432,97 balance not including dues received during Jan meeting. Also presented SAPC gear that FOR SALE.

Norma proposed a SAPC six pack cooler be ordered. Only one hand was raised expressing interest.

President Tommy presented Spirit Of Royce award to Norma Miller.

NEW Member
Lyle from Green Valley paddles Sea Eagle

VP Peg provided presentation compilation of "dream trips" by members who've volunteered to show a preview of a favorite paddling outing.


November 8,2017 SAPC Meeting, Summit Hut 6:00 – 8:00 pm
President Anne Dalton presiding.
New attendees introduction:Tom Sisterman & Pearse Johnston.
Secretary has new duties updating SAPC website and send newsletter along with taking  meeting minutes. Pearse Johnston is Secretary.
Tommy James is President.
Upcoming trips and events:
Norma Miller will be hosting Lake Pleasant eagle watch trip Dec 9 & 10 with option for third day.
John Maier will be hosting Belize trip Glover atoll. First week of December until Christmas 11 people are going. Some paddlers are staying 5 weeks. 
Also John is hosting Himalaya MX trip Thanksgiving–Nov 22-27, 2017 15 paddlers are going.
Peg Davis is planning float on Yukon river first two weeks of August.
Bob Schoen will host trip on Rio Grande Feb 18-24, 2018
Also Bob is planning trip John Day river in OR first two weeks of June.
Norma Miller is looking for paddlers to paddle on one of three lakes early Jan 2018 Saguaro lake ....Apache lake....Parker lake.
Norma Miller reminded members that Lake Patagonia allows SAPC members free access to state park and will log volunteer hours.
John Maier reported Tom Martin has home made plywood kayak located in Flagstaff that he will give away Pearse expressed interest.
Main Program:
VP Reg Davis introduced Hugh Denno presenting Viva La Verde film.
September 13, 2017 SAPC Meeting, Summit Hut 6:00 – 8:00 pm President Anne Dalton presiding. Mindy Cox gave treasurers report. The club has $1732.50. New attendees introduction: Who went where: Rick Johnson and friends went to San Diego and paddled Mission Bay and Coronado Island and checked out the Festival of Sails with pirate ships. On a separate trip they went to Blue Ridge Reservoir which had lots of water in July. John Maier participated in Tom Martin’s Cataract Canyon trip in late June to early July. They launched from Mineral Bottom on an eight to nine day trip which included IKs, rafts, and a homemade cataraft made from two Tomcats. All went well until the “Big Drops” when John and his boat parted ways and had an exciting time of it. Maybe too exciting. Helen Deluga and Bob Schoen circumnavigated Lake Tahoe in early June. The water is clear and beautiful but campsites are a bit hard to find though some people have been known to stealth camp. Later in the summer, they toured Vancouver Island where they spent several days in the Broken Group and several days of day paddles along the island. Of course a visit to Schoen Lake was included. And a surprise encounter occurred at the Campbell River museum where they spotted Ron and Norma on their separate but parallel adventures. Upcoming trips and events: Liz Bradley will again be putting on the Patagonia Lake Triathlon on October 28. She is looking for kayak volunteers to sit out in the lake and provide support to the swimmers if needed. The boat-in campsite will be provided free for Friday and Saturday nights along with free entrance to the park, a t-shirt, and breakfast burritos. The race will start at 7:00 am on Saturday. There will also be a course preview for the swimmers on October 14th at 7:00 if anyone is willing to volunteer then. Royce Davenport announced the Patagonia Lake Cleanup for Sunday October 15th. The boat-in campsite 110 is reserved for any paddlers for Saturday night. Call the ranger to get your free campsite (do not register online) though it sounds like camping is pretty full this year (squeeze in with Royce at site 46). The cleanup will be Sunday morning at 9:00 followed by a potluck where the club will provide hamburgers and hotdogs. It’s always great fun so bring your friends. There is a Gila River Festival in Silver City, NM from September 21-24. Norma and Ron Miller are planning a Lake Powell trip from September 23 to October 2. The put-in will be at Wahweap as the water is high enough to get through the channel. Jack Kriendler is organizing a trip to circumnavigate Guardian Angel Island in Mexico. It will be a challenging trip as a ten mile crossing is involved and participants need to be totally self-contained. If not enough people are available, the simpler Bahia de los Angeles area will be visited instead. John Maier will again be driving down to Himalaya Beach near San Carlos, Mexico with all his water toys from November 22-27. People will camp on the beach and do day paddles or snorkeling from there. December 10-16 John Maier will be going to Belize. People are welcome to join him for a trip to Glovers Atoll where campers can rent kayaks or snorkeling gear. Boat transportation and camping for a week from Dangriga is available for about $150; a thatched cabin is about $200 more. Main Program: Kayaking the Jefferson River in Montana and exploring the Broughton Archipelago presented by Norma Miller. Peg Davis, Ron and Norma Miller, and Casey Stakauskas took a 4 day trip down the Jefferson River in Montana 58 miles from the put-in at Twin Bridges to the headwaters of the Missouri River. There was lots of beautiful scenery but they also experienced thunderstorms along the river. There were several diversion dams, one of which diverted Norma and her wooden boat. Bang! Where did that crack come from? Some handy JB-weld patched things up. Norma and Ron then drove up to Lund BC where they kayaked to the Copeland Islands. A few days later they ferried and drove to Telegraph Cove on the north side of Vancouver Island. Launching from Telegraph Cove with ROW Adventure Sea Kayaking Tours, they explored some of the wild islands in the Johnstone Strait. The trip took them close to Robson Bight bight which is a small bay that orcas gather at to rub their bellies in the rocky shallows. An orca pod came in close to their campsite and they were treated to a half hour or orcas playing. The pictures and the trip looked great! Next Meeting: November 8th 6:00 at Summit Hut. We are looking for volunteers to take over as president and secretary. Consider it! It’s fun! ********************************************************************** Minutes of SAPC General Meeting of May 10, 2017  Ann Dalton, SAPC Prez presiding. Meeting start: 6:00 pm Welcome & introduction of new guests & members: Eric Schilling, Diana King, Sharon Walch, etc. New Business:  Royce Davenport Announced: "6th Annual Dry Dockers Ball" to be held at Royce's house on Sat. June 10, 2017. Start time 3:00 to ? BYOB & Pot-luck of choice. His invitation Graphix & Directions to follow on SAPC Website & Newsletter.  Royce presented: Lake Patagonia State Park recognized SAPC for their on-going service of lake shore clean-ups over the years with a special wall frameable certificate. Royce announced that the next SAPC Lake Patagonia clean-up will be around the 2nd weekend in Oct. 2017. As always, the State Park gives one-night free camping to participants of the semi-annual clean-up events there.  Royce reported: SAPC will be eligible for sponsorship for the next batch of club t-shirts that would be ordered. His brother-in-law's local HVAC business would like to pay for club shirt production if they are allowed to have their business logo applied to the back of shirt. Members present agreed this would be okay. An updated SAPC member roster will be emailed to all paid members in the next E-Newsletter. Recent Trip Reports: ⦁ Apr. 3&4 2017: Lower Gila Box float (aka AZ Box). Overnight trip which started at near Clifton, AZ & ended at Bonita Creek near Solomon, AZ. CFS were 200+ and dropping. Good camping & minimal floating conditions, but all went well. Three people participated in hard-shells or inflatables. ⦁ Apr. 23-28, 2017: Costa Rica-Golfo Dulce kayaking trip (Pacific side). Ten SAPC members & friends navigated across one of only two tropical area fiords & mangrove filled rivers over several miles staying at two Ecolodges from each side. Tropical Flora-fauna-marine life & birds. ⦁ May 9&10, 2017: Lower Salt River float (below Stewart Mt. Dam). Three participants floating from below Dam (Water Users RAP)to takeout at above Granite Reef Dam, close to 11 miles. A more river accessible location to camp (at Bulldog Cyn ORV site) for river floats can be acquired by accessing the following Tonto NF site:  Up Comming Trips/Announcements: ⦁ May 21, 2017: Oscar Berven announced The 9th Annual Guaymas Paddle Event taking place on Sunday, May 21 at 10:00 am from the Guaymas Malecon (Sonora, MX) and 6 kilometers around the bay. All kayakers and paddleboarders are invited to participate. Prizes will be awarded in a variety of age classes. For more information, contact Gabriel Soto Monge at 221-5944, 622-118-6284 or email . Also visit the Facebook event page ⦁ Last Week of Sept. 2017: Norma & Ron Miller announced a 10-day kayaking trip at Lake Powell, probable start from Antalope or Wahweap Marinas. This is for touring or sea kayaks, a total self-contained wilderness paddle for experienced extended trip kayakers. Ron will row his sailing dory. ⦁ Dec. 2017: John Maier's Belize kayaking, starting at Glover's Atoll with rental kayaks & cabins & then unsupported to other nearby islands in the archipelago with fresh fish from local fishermen. Check for more details. Discussion: Rick Johnson, , talked about obtaining either a US Passport or a US Passport Card for travel to MX or Canada, etc. Rick works at the US Passport office in Tucson. Contact Rick for more info or questions or go to the US Passport Info Website. Slide Show Presentation: Given by John Maier from his kayaking trips with Helen Deluga and two others. Included slides and commentary from their kayak travels & camps at various beautiful locations on the islands & mainland of Thailand & the Philippines. Indonesia will be shown at a later date due to lack of time. End meeting.

March 8, 2017 6:00 PM
President Anne Dalton presidingNew visitors introduction:Trip reports:Bob Schoen’s Big Bend Rio Grande trip. Paddled Santa Elena and Boquillas canyon. Water level was low for canoes but perfect for kayaks. Saw big horn sheep and birds. Weather varied from very hot to cold nightsJohn Maier led a trip to Estero Tastiota, south of Kino Bay. The lagoon was full of bioluminescence especially for the night paddlers.Eleven people went on Norma’s Topock Gorge trip. They camped Lake Havasu and Bill Williams wildlife refuge, and paddled under the London bridge.Rick let a trip to the lower Colorado river near Yuma. There was beautiful weather paddling among the tall reeds.Paddlers attended the Kayak Symposium on the Trinity River in Northern California. They had fun paddling in sleet, sun, snow, rain, and hail.Upcoming trips:Patagonia Lake cleanup April 23. Saturday, April 22 there will be free camping for cleanup participants (please reserve sites by phone to get free camping). Sunday’s cleanup will be followed by a potluck. Please bring a dish to share.June 10th is the date of Royce Davenport’s Drydockers Ball. Save the date.Peg Davis will lead a Gila Box trip on April 3 and 4. It is about an 18 mile paddle.Peg will also lead a lower Salt River trip (the tubing run) from Water Users to Granite Reef Dam. Tuesday, May 9 will be a full moon run and Wednesday, an early morning run.Tommy James will be campground host at Ruby Mountain near Salida, CO. There’s 150 miles of river to run with class I and II. There is also the FIBARK festival on Father’s Day weekend.John Maier is leading a trip to Glover’s Atoll in Belize the first whole week in December. It is necessary to take a boat to the Atoll where camping or cabins are available. One can rent sit-on-top kayaks on the island and snorkeling is good.Oscar announced that there is the upcoming Baja Kayak Fest in Ensenada April 8, 9, and 10. It is an instructional event put on by Aqua Adventures in San Diego.Presentation:
Canyonlands of Utah and Colorado by Tom Martin of Flagstaff. Tom Martin and Duwain Whitis have produced a new rivermap book on the Green and Colorado Rivers of that area. The presentation introduced many of the sites and secrets of that area. The rivermap captures that info and will be a boon to anyone paddling those waters.
January 11, 2017 SAPC Meeting Summit Hut 6:00 – 8:00 pm
President Anne Dalton presiding.
Anne Dalton introduced the guest speaker, Graham Mackintosh

Adventures in Baja California covered several decades of explorations in Baja including hiking the entire coastline, traveling with a donkey, and kayaking along the coastal waters. The presentation was informative, funny, and enjoyed by all. Thank-you Graham.

Anne reminded members and member-want-to-bes that its time to pay your club dues.
New attendees introduction
Anne presented the newly-named Royce Davenport Award to be given to those club members who have gone above and beyond in their volunteering for the club. The first presentation of the Award went to …Royce Davenport! Thank-you Royce for all your work in the Patagonia Lake cleanups, T-shirt designs, parties, and more. We really appreciate it.
Upcoming trips and events: (See complete trip descriptions & organizer info on New Announcements Trips Page ).
Lower Colorado river exploration of the backwaters near Yuma with side trip Renaissance Faire. Feb 3-5, 2017. Contact Rick Johnson for details.
Rio Grande Trip to Big Bend putting in on February 19, 2017. This trip may be full but please call Bob Schoen if interested.
Lower Colorado River below I40 to Parker Dam then into the Bill Williams River. This will be 4 days and involve a shuttle.  Mar. 2-5, 2017. Call Norma Miller for details.
Lake Pleasant, AZ Paddle Fest (Phx. area). April 8-9, 2017. Contact Rick Johnson for more info.
Tommy James is camp hosting this summer at Ruby Mountain/Brown Canyon on the Arkansas river near Salida in southern Colorado. Paddlers are invited to camp & join him for fun on the river.

Summit Hut swap meet takes place Sunday Feb 26, 2017 from 9-2pm.

Who went where:
Rick Johnson, Maria and friends explored the Colorado River below Hoover Dam. They enjoyed several hot springs along the river.
Casey Stakauskas finally got an opportunity to paddle the Colorado below Imperial Dam in Yuma down into Morales Mexico. This completes his paddle of the entire Colorado River in Arizona. Congratulations Casey!

Nov. 9, 2016 - SAPC Meeting - Summit Hut (5251 E Speedway Blvd.)  5:30 – 8:00 pm   President, Anne Dalton presiding.  5:30 pm - Meet and Greet.  6:00 pm - Meeting commenced.   New attendees introduction: Hank Kanner, Mike Rothery, Wendy Graham.

New Business.  Two new SAPC Board officers nominated & elected (for 2 years) by members present:  Mindy Cox as Treasurer  & backup Secretary (seconded by Matts Myhrmann) and Peg Davis as Vice President (seconded by Jack Kriendler).

Next:  Kathy Green from the AZ Wildlife Federation spoke to membership about the “Becoming an Outdoors-Woman”, a non-profit, educational program offering hands-on workshops to adult women every year since 1991.  This year they are in need of volunteers from SAPC to teach basic paddling techniques.  I.e., getting in & out of a kayak (sit-on-tops) & the basic strokes for mobility in flat water.  The organization is offering volunteers all lodging in cabins, food & all kayaks, paddles & PFDs as well as transportation cost.  We may bring our own kayak if we choose. Volunteers can be both men or women.  The Workshops will take place at Friendly Pines Camp near Prescott, AZ On April 7-9, 2017.  A volunteer sign-up sheet was passed around at the meeting, but those not in attendance may sign up by contacting Kathy by Email: or 480-644-0077 for all info & directions.

Trip Reports:  Apache Lake by Peg Davis, Baja’s Las Encantadas Island tour (Sea of Cortez) by John Maier & Kayaking in Maine by Jack Kriendler.

New Announcements:  Beginning kayak camping orientation by Rick Johnson. Meet at Rick’s home on Thurs. Nov. 17, eve.  3031 N Park Ave. Tucson. Contact Rick at 520-622-2653 (home) or 520-979-2023 (cell) or Email:   A follow-up kayak campout will be held on Nov. 18 & 19 at Saguaro Lake east of Mesa, AZ.  Note: Rick has a limited number of kayaks to lend out though he can only haul 5 including his own. Contact him evenings or weekends.

Steve & Anne Bell Anderson’s annual potluck party– 3 to 8pm Nov. 19, 2016 RSVP: 520-591-6318 or Location: 8330 N Rancho Catalina Ave. Oro Valley, AZ 85704

Thanksgiving 6-day campout & paddle at Himalaya Bay, Sonora MX – Nov. 23 to 28, 2016. (Wed. to Mon.) Contact trip organizer John Maier to sign-up –  7-hr. drive, high clearance vehicles required as well as US Passport & Mex. Insurance.  We will try to carpool. please sign-up for all info.  This is a remote beach camp 20-mi. north of San Carlos.  Go MTBiking, snorkling, fishing, boating, etc. Be all self contained & bring all water. We’ll do a Tksgiving pot-luck on Thurs. if possible.

Lake Pleasant/Agua Fria river  2-night Paddle/Campout – Dec. 12-14, 2016 (Mon. to Wed.)  Drive up to the Lake (PHX) from Tucson at 1 PM. Camp at the Lake Pleasant campground Mon. eve. Tues. AM paddle 8-mi. up the Agua Fria looking for Bald Eagles before river closure (breeding season). Then set-up camp at river’s end. In PM hike up 1.5 mi. to Indian ruins on adjacent Mesa & back to camp. On Wed. AM pack & paddle back to cars & back home by 3 PM.  Contact: Norma Miller  or  520-235-8927 to sign-up & all info.

Big Bend Nat. Park Paddle & Camp trip on the Rio Grande, TX – Feb. 15, 2017.  About 9 days.  Contact Bob Schoen for all info & interest.  or 520-561-6081.

Meeting Break—

Presentation:  Floating the Upper Missouri River Breaks Nat. Monument in Montana. A 10-day, 108 mi. kayaking adventure by eleven club members.  Slide show given by Ron Miller.

End Meeting – 7:55 pm.


May 11, 2016 – SAPC Meeting – Summit Hut (5251 E Speedway Blvd.)  5:30 – 8:00 pm

President Anne Dalton presiding.

5:30 Meet and Greet

6:00 Meeting commenced

New attendees introduction:  Anne Dalton, brought up possibility of buying a marine radio for the club. This would enable paddlers to get weather reports, talk to other boats, and send emergency calls. The radio would probably cost about $85. Discussion ensued about whether these radios could be used to communicate within our paddling group and the possibility that these would only work with line of sight range. Bill offered to donate a used radio and this was accepted. Peg Davis will follow up on this.

Anne asked if there was interest in some easy paddle trips for new or beginner paddlers. There was interest and Rick Johnson volunteered to lead some trips. Peg Davis commented that the upcoming morning trip on the lower Salt would be a good beginner trip.

Who went where:  Peg Davis, Helen Deluga, and Tim Ralph enjoyed a trip through the Gila Box. Water was low and there were several flips in the fast moving turns. Rudi Lambrechtse was on a Sierra Club trip on the river at the same time and had similar experiences on the turns.

Several members attended the Paddle Battle in San Carlos Mexico. The club did well in the events and everyone had a good time. Bob Kerry went to Kino Bay a few days early to have more paddling time and reported seeing plenty of sea lions but no walruses this time.

The Patagonia Lake Cleanup was successful. The club must be doing a good job as the amount of garbage collected was much lower than the earlier cleanups. A standing ovation was given to Royce Davenport who does such a great job setting it up!

Upcoming trips:  

Lower Salt River:  Peg Davis will be leading back-to-back trips on the lower Salt tubing run on May 20th and 21st. The first will be a moonlight run, the second, a sunrise run. The sunrise run will be better for beginners as the other is by moonlight and is more difficult to navigate. Possible free camping will be at Bulldog Canyon OHV at Bluepoint bridge, else paid camping will be at Usery Park. Plan on using inflatables or short hard shells. No tubes. A Tonto pass is also needed. Contact Peg for info. 

Salida, CO:  Tommy James announced multiday, multi-river trips in southern Colorado at Ruby Mountain/Brown Canyon on the Arkansas river near Salida where he will be a campground host. Also Fibark White Water Festival is happening the 3rd week in June. Contact Tommy for info. 616-0133.

Missouri River, MT:  Ron and Norma Miller are planning a trip on the Missouri River in Montana meeting July 7th and launching on the 8th from Coal Banks. The take out is yet to be determined – possible Judith or James Kipp park. This trip will include layover days and hiking. Everyone will carry their own food and water (no filtering) and will need a sea kayak or canoe for this trip. Contact Ron or Norma for details. or

Smith River, MT:  Mike Huckabee has a permit for the Smith River in Montana for July 19-23. Contact Mike for details.

Sonoran Coast, MX:  John Maier will lead a Mexico coastal paddle from El Colorado to San Carlos via Himalaya Beach and San Pedro Bay. It covers about 40 miles in 5 days or longer dependent on weather conditions. There may also be a side trip for experienced paddlers to San Pedro Nolasco Island which is a seven mile crossing. This is planned for around May 26 and requires about 8 days commitment. Contact John:

Other Upcoming Events

Steve Anderson will host a Spring Potluck at his house on May 21st at 3:00. See you there. Steve: 591-6318

Royce Davenport is hosting his 5th annual Dry Dockers Ball (party) on July 23rd. Everyone welcome. Royce: 762-9263

Program:  Green River, UT from Ruby Ranch to Spanish Bottom through Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyons by Ron and Norma Miller. Let’s plan on doing the lower section (Mineral Bottom to Spanish Bottom) in late Sept. 2017.


Mar 9, 2016 – SAPC Meeting Fish and Game Building 6:00 – 9:00 pm
President Anne Dalton presiding.
6:00 Meet and Greet
7:00 Meeting commenced
Game and Fish will no longer let outside groups use their facility. We will use some of the local libraries but are looking for a permanent home for our meetings. Contact Bob Schoen if you have some possibilities.
Who went where:
>John Maier led a trip to Estero Tastiota along the Sea of Cortez. Starting at Playa Colorado, they paddled 6 miles to the estuary where they enjoyed the birdlife.
>Steve Kanner led a day run on the Salt. It is best to get permits beforehand as it is a long drive to get one from the put-in.
>Steve Kanner led an overnight trip on the Verde. It was a difficult run with lots of trees down in the streambed.
Upcoming trips and Events:
>Peg Davis announced that there is a 4 day swim event that is looking for boaters to escort the swimmers. Sit-on-tops are provided. They need people for the Apache Lake section on April 29. Contact Peg at for contact information.
>Royce Davenport announced the Patagonia Lake cleanup on April 17. The cleanup will be on Sunday morning followed by a potluck lunch and prizes. Royce is asking for someone to help with the race/poker run. People may come on the 16th to camp. Group site 110 across the lake is again reserved. For people wanting their own campsite, check the SAPC website announcement page for the campground list, then call the main gate to register for your free site for Saturday night. Note that volunteers get in free to the park on Sunday or Saturday with free camping.
>John Maier mentioned a book called “A Floater’s guide to the Rivers of the Yaqui Watershed” written by Neal Nikrik. John has boated with the author in some of the areas the book covers – Sonara and Chihuahua Mexico. These rivers usually flow in August/September. Go to for more information.
>March 19th is the Verde River Runoff, a race from Camp Verde to Beasley Flats. This is not the wilderness section for there should not be trees in the river.
Ron and Norma Miller are leading a trip on the Missouri River in Montana. They will launch on July 8th at Coal Banks, spend about 8 days on the river, and take out at Kip.
>Norma Miller announced that Clint Russel is putting on the San Carlos Paddle Battle III takes place in San Carlos Mexico on May 7 and 8. SAPC has often had a presence there and done well in the races so consider joining them again this year.
>Royce Davenport will be holding his summertime 5th Annual Dry Dockers Ball on or around July 23rd.
>Bob Schoen announced that there will be a Lake Powell trip the last full week in September, around the 17th to 25th.
>Oscar Bevin announced the April 15th weekend La Boca Ensenada Baja Kayak festival. See bajakayakfestival for info or Jim Click with Aqua Adventures in San Diego. This would be a good place to learn about sea kayaking.
>Tommy James brought up the FIBARK festival in Salida CO on about June 15-19.
>Presentation by Tom Martin and Hazel Clark on Otis Reed “Dock” Marston and “From Powell to Power”, Tom Martins effort to publish Dock’s research into a book. It was a great presentation that helped clear up the muddy waters of Grand Canyon river running history. Visit Tom and Hazel and check out their selection of Grand Canyon books and guides at the Tucson Festival of Books on March 12 and 13 on the UA mall at booth 483.
Next Meeting:
Norma & Ron Miller will present their trip to Labyrinth & Stillwater Cyns. of the Green River. The May 11 meeting will be in a new venue. It will be held at the 
Dusenberry-River Branch Library starting at 6 pm and vacating before 8 pm.


Jan 13, 2016 – SAPC Meeting Fish and Game Building 6:00 – 9:00 pm
President Ann Dalton presiding.
6:00 Meet and Greet
7:00 Meeting commenced
New attendees introduction
Recognize outgoing officers Steve Kanner and Mindy Cox and greet new officers Helen Deluga, Secretary, and Ann Dalton, President
Who went where:
Rick Johnson explored the lower Colorado River
Mark Thaler reported on Thanksgiving Mexico beach trip
Norma Miller and Casey Stakauskas paddled in Baja Mexico
Helen Deluga enjoyed a Grand Canyon river trip
Upcoming trips:
Rick Johnson is going from Walters camp to Fishers Landing on the lower Colorado
Tommy James announced multiday, multi-river trips in southern Colorado possibly including the Piedra (class IV), San Juan thru Pagosa (class II-III), FibArk thru Browns Canyon. Also rivers in New Mexico including the Chama, Taos Box, the Racecourse. Also Fibark White Water Festival the 3rd week in June.
John Maier will revisit Estero Tastiota along the Sea of Cortez. Starting at Playa Colorado, he will paddle 6 miles to the estuary, spend 3 or 4 days birdwatching and paddling, then return. This is planned for around Feb 25 – 29
Bob Schoen is planning a trip on the Rio Grande in Big Bend, Texas including Santa Elena and Boquillos canyons on March 13-19. This trip will be dependent on sufficient water levels.
Peg Davis would like to paddle the Gila from Clifton around mid-April.
Other Topics:
Permits were discussed. The Salt river deadline is Jan 31. Permits are around $10, $150 for the group. The Smith river, also a permitted river, flows best before the end of June. The SAPC contains more info on the permitting process.
John Maier presented: Kayaking in Belize.


November 11, 2015  General Meeting – Arizona Game & Fish Bldg.

6:00 Networking/Meeting Set-up

7:00 President Steve Kanner – welcoming remarks; meeting highlights; river humor and trivia

Old/Ongoing Business

–         Club officer introduction and reports:

o  President – Elections for President and Secretary tonight

o  Vice-President – Reminder to see Bob S. for presentations

o  Treasurer – Reminder of dues due in January, 2016; $825 in kitty; 68 member units; still plenty of shirts and hats for sale

–         Royce – Patagonia Lake spring cleanup the weekend following Easter

–         No new members or guests present

New Business

–         Trip reports: Trips to Vermilion River Illinois (Peg); Desolation/Gray; Grand Canyon(Mike); North Fork of the Feather River for Feather Fest with American Whitewater Association (Steve K.); Baja (John and Mark) were reported

–         Upcoming trips: Thanksgiving at Himalaya (John); Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park March 5-9 (Bob S.); Lake Powell houseboat in April (Andersons); Missouri Breaks in July (Ron & Norma).

–         President discussed SAPC becoming a Club Affiliate with the American Whitewater Association for 2016. Benefits are reduced membership dues ($10 discount for individuals in club), platform for action on river issues nationwide, club recognition, being part of a larger community with similar interests. Annual dues $75. Mike motioned, Peg seconded, motion passed by majority hand vote.

–         Board meeting December 2 or 9; email ideas to a Board member.

–         Election for new club President and SecretaryHelen Deluga volunteered for Secretary, passed by majority hand vote. Discussion of duties of President.  Betty nominated Anne Dalton for President, passed by majority hand vote.

–         SAPC has box at Summit Hut for save-a-bag tokens/donations


Presentations – Jack Kriendler’s daughter Dana presented her doctoral project working with Environmental Traveling Companions designing kayak modifications for disabled persons. Jack presented slideshow of trips to Laos and the Pacific Northwest.

Concluding Remarks – President, next club meeting January 13, 2016 at Game & Fish


May 13, 2015 –  General Meeting – Woods Library

6:00 Networking/Meeting Set-up

6:30  President , Steve Kanner – welcoming remarks; meeting highlights; river humor and trivia. Kudos for Mindy with correct answer: Rio Conchos in northern Mexico.

Old/Ongoing Business

–          Club officer introduction and reports:

o   Treasurer – 57 household “units” as members; approximately $1400 in kitty; prizes for fall Patagonia Lake cleanup already purchased; reminder of shirts/hats for sale

o   Web Administrators – Email any advertisements or info to Norma and Casey to place on website; club presence remains on Facebook, e-newsletter, and website

–          Patagonia Lake spring cleanup was cancelled due to weather; October cleanup will be scheduled

–          New member/guest introductions – 4 guests present, 2 decided to join; welcome!

New Business

–          President Steve K introduced idea to donate $100 to the Friends of the Verde organization in memory of founding club member Jim Slingluff and past president Geno Rosburg.  Motion by Norma, seconded by Jack K and passed unanimously with voice vote.

–          Trip reports – Trips to a river in Poland/Slovakia, Gila River Lower Box, Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park, Cosumnes River, and the Sahuarita Triathlon were reported

–          Upcoming trips:  Peg – Salt River end of May; Jack – Sea of Cortez end of October through beginning of November; John – Belize in December; Bob – Washington state/San Juan Islands this summer; John – Vancouver Island this summer; Norma and others – San Carlos Paddle Battle Memorial Day weekend

–          Upcoming events:  Royce – Dry Dockers Ball June 6; Jack – Wilderness first responder class next week

–          President – reminder of club equipment available to borrow, email him with request

–          Tim needs somewhere to store canoe/kayaks

Break – Trip signup forms available

Presentations – Bob Schoen and Helen Deluga’s sea kayak adventure on Milford Sound and the Wanganui River in New Zealand; Peg and others Gila River trip on Lower Box.

Motion made by Helen D to permanently move club general meetings to Woods Library.  Motion was seconded by Jack K. Discussion followed and motion failed on “hands up” vote 15-9.

Concluding Remarks – President Steve Kanner; next club meeting September 9, 2015 at Game & Fish

Adjourn 7:50


March 11, 2015 – General Meeting

6:00 Networking Hour/Meeting Set-up

7:00  President , Steve Kanner – welcoming remarks, meeting highlights

–          River Trivia (John– winner)

Old/Ongoing Business

–          Club officer Introduction – President and Secretary up for election this fall

–          Dues must be paid up or will be dropped from membership, new shirts/hats available for purchase

–          New member/guest introductions:  Hazel, Andrew from T.G. Watersports (handed out flyers), Edward

–          Spring Patagonia Lake cleanup April 11-12:  Boat-in site #110 reserved, Royce may not get there until later on Sunday morning so request for somebody to claim our usual picnic spot, John volunteered to lead rolling skills practice after cleanup

New Business

–          Trip reports – Trips to Lower Colorado, Northern California coast, Verde  River, Mexico/Kino Bay were reported

–          Upcoming trips – Reminder about trip interest sign-up forms available

–          Upcoming events:  “Powell to Power” presentation at UA Health Sciences Drachman Hall Room A112, March 13, 2015 at 7 pm; Kayak skills practice session at Ott YMCA 401 S Prudence, April 21, 2015 6:30 to 8:30 pm, bring boat and helmet; Sahuarita Triathlon safety boaters needed, May 2, 2015 from 6:30 to 10:00 am


Presentation – Workshops:

–          Knots (Steve K.)

–          Trip Organization and Responsibilities (Jack K.)

–          Sea Kayaking instructional video (Norma M.)

Concluding Remarks – President Steve Kanner

–          Next meeting Wednesday May 13, 2015 at AZ Game & Fish

Adjourn 9:00