Sunset float on the lower Salt River June 12, 2022

Meet at Granite Reef Dam (north on Power Road off the 202 in Mesa) at 4:30 pm Sunday, June 12 to set up the car shuttle to Water Users (east on Bush Highway). Put in around 5:15 pm. Moonrise (97% full) at 6 pm, sunset at 7:38 pm, take out around 8:30 pm. Pack fleece in a dry bag. This is a safety measure. Flipping is possible. Contact: Peg Davis
I’ll be camping that night in the Goldfields OHV area between the put in and take out. No facilities, but convenient and free.

Sunrise float on the lower Salt River June 13, 2022

Meet at 6 am at Granite Reef Dam for the car shuttle to Water Users. Put in around 6:45 am. Take out at Granite Reef Dam 11 miles and up to 4 hours later. We’ll pause at the big rock to take a break and maybe some leaping into the water. There can be an upstream breeze for the last hour. 

What to bring: PFD use mandatory. Bring plenty of water & snacks. This is the perfect setting to use inflatable kayaks, paddleboards, sit-on-tops or any other real boat like a short hardshell. No tubes or floaty toys allowed as watercraft. Hats and sunblock needed. I wear long sleeves, long pants.
   ** No rapids, some riffles, a few splashy wave trains, twists & turns to have fun in and get a little wet.
Parking: A Tonto NF use permit (or a Natl. Parks Senior Pass) is needed for each car. They are available at Big 5 Sporting Goods or convenience stores along Power Rd. You must purchase BEFORE arriving at the Water Users Parking Lot; they are not available on site.
   Due to Covid safety measures, we will try to keep people per car during the shuttles as low as possible. I recommend wearing masks and rolling down windows. At all other times, practice social distancing. 
   This 11 mile float is a good trip for beginners, people who haven’t boated in a while or for introducing new people to boating. If you are a novice and need an experienced person to share a boat with, tell me this when you sign up. I may be able to help you. If you need a boat, I may be able to help you. 
   Please contact me by June 10 to join this trip. Let me know if you have questions. pegdavis at u dot arizona dot edu



(Two trip time choices):

Lake Powell to Escalante River I – Tuesday, Sept. 20 to 30, 2022 – Trip Initiator: Peg Davis
My goal is to head to the canyon of the Escalante. While it would be lovely to put in at Hall’s  Crossing, it is impossible to know what the water level will be in Lake Powell in September – and that determines where we can launch a boat. I will have to decide based on the conditions at the time. The lake is beautiful that time of year. Be ready for a self supported trip, bringing everything you need. Carry water or filter from the lake. PFDs required at all times on the water. If conditions are good, we could travel up to 15 miles in a day, but I want to avoid paddling in bad weather. Paddlers on the last trip had advice: 1) work on your balance and flexibility 2) practice packing your boat beforehand. I am happy to answer questions and discuss this trip. Contact pegdavis at u dot arizona dot edu



Lake Powell to Escalante River II – Monday, Sept. 26 to Oct. 3rd or 4th, 2022 – Trip Initiator: Helen Deluga