Trip & Event Announcements


Announcing SAPC’s 25thAnnual Spring Lake shore Clean-up & Celebration

Twice yearly SAPC gathers at their Home-port, Patagonia Lake State Park, to conduct a lake shore clean-up & have a picnic. On April 7, 2024, members, family & friends will meet to celebrate 25 years of its For the Sake of the Lake” Spring event. Paddlers of all ages will enjoy the rewards of protecting and conserving the beauty of this local treasure.

When: Sunday, 7 Apr. at 09:00. Gates open at 8AM.

Where: Park & meetup (w/boats) at the Park Beach Area

What to Bring: Chairs, blankets, hats, gloves, etc. Pitch-in whatever for picnic pot-luck. SAPC supplying sundries, etc.

Special guest: The Santa Cruz Valley Heritage Alliance will be joining us to help celebrate our event this year.

Note: At the entrance gate, please tell the Park ranger you are part of the SAPC Spring lake clean-up event, they will give you a free pass for the day. Come early, space limited. Contact: Norma Miller: or Royce Davenport: 520-762-9263


Upcoming Trips updates:

Estero Tastiota trip–March 16-20 (Sat-Wed)
 This estuary is located in the state of Sonora, Mexico and is halfway between Kino Bay and San Carlos and is a couple miles deep.  I know of no better place for viewing waterfowl, not only because of the numbers of birds, but because of the numbers of species there.

Here’s the plan:  We will drive down to the fishing village of El Colorado on Saturday where we will leave our vehicles in care of friends who live there and run kayak eco tours.  The following morning we will paddle 6 miles up the coast to the estuary where we will camp at the mouth for 3 days.  This usually takes 2-1/2 hours so we will arrive at lunchtime.  We will explore the estuary to view the birds as we wish, either individually or in small groups of 2-3, as suits our fancy and conditions (tide and wind).  On the last day we will paddle back to El Colorado and drive home.  Both coming and going we will have the option to stop for lunch in Hermosillo. If there is interest we can also likely arrange to have dinner at El Colorado on the day we arrive. The drive is about 7 hours plus stops.

Our beach camping is remote and sandy.  You will need to bring everything you need and I would suggest 3 gallons of water minimum for drinking and cooking for the kayaking portion of the trip.  Be sure to have good anchors for your tent (sandbags or water bottles) as we usually see some wind at this location.  Everyone needs a valid passport or passport card, and drivers need car insurance which should be purchased online beforehand.  Any 2WD vehicle with average clearance is appropriate for this trip.  Only the last few miles are unpaved.  Transportation costs (gas and insurance) should be split with the passengers.  There is no charge for a tourist permit since our trip is less than 7 days.  One of the limiting factors for this trip will be vehicles that can carry kayaks.  We hope for enough drivers so everyone may go who wishes to do so.  Please know that inflatables and short wide boats are inappropriate for this trip as they will slow our progress and are harder to paddle in wind.   Please let trip initiator John Maier know of your interest or for questions at



Lake Powell Paddle
Starting October 3, 2023 for 7-10 days

We will start at Hall’s Crossing, moving northeast toward Hite. Expect to paddle 10-12 mile/day. Weather will determine each day’s progress. High winds, storms or rain will keep us on shore. Hiking side canyons and lollygagging will be emphasized. Experience and appropriate equipment required.

The end date of this trip will be tailored to fit paddlers’ trip goals and time schedules.
Please contact me now with questions or to express initial interest. 

Deadline to join trip is September 12, but I’d like to know who’s considering joining.


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